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Agri Service Jeuken


About Agri Service Jeuken

Agri Service Jeuken (ASJ) is the dairy specialist for feeding, maintenance and hygiene of your cattle. ASJ supplies nutritional supplements, cleaning agents and maintenance products to large and small dairy farmers. In our webshop You will find everything for your livestock health and barn hygiene. Do you have any questions about the application or user instructions? Then please contact us.

It is of course very important that your dairy cattle are in good health. Healthy animals are less stressed and produce better milk. Consumers also ask more and more about the origin of the products they buy. That is why the products of Agri Service Jeuken make sure that your dairy cattle stay healthy, the production is high and the consumer is satisfied. Agri Service Jeuken provides the means for the best result.

How do you ensure that your dairy cattle stay in optimal condition?

Care and hygiene play of course the main role. Provide good nutrition and, where necessary, use nutritional supplements such as mineral boluses to maintain health. Udder and hoof care have a direct effect on the health of your cattle. The habitat is another factor that plays a role. That is why stable hygiene is necessary for an optimal condition.

Agri Service Jeuken is specialised in the following categories:

Mineral boluses

Dipping agent

Stable accessories

Hoof care

Milk production

Cleaning agents